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PegDots is an eclectic gift shop that offers hand painted dot mandala works of art for all occasions.  I believe beauty soothes the soul.  Gifting a piece of artwork that is both gorgeous and functional shows you put that extra bit of care into choosing products for the ones you love!

Who is the “Peg” in PegDots?  I’m Karyn Balser, and I’m the hands behind all the dots, but there isn’t actually a Peg.  Peg refers to my hometown of Winnipeg, where the summers are long and the winters are even longer but somehow we still love it!

I’ve always found peace in beauty; whether it’s a walk along a lakefront at sunset or simply a breathtaking piece of artwork.  I’ve never had artistic bone in my body though, or so I thought.  In the summer of 2017, my oldest daughter and I discovered a local version of the “Kindness Rocks” movement.  People of all ages and skill levels paint rocks in any design and leave them around town to be discovered and enjoyed.  The movement really took off here in Winnipeg, and we absolutely loved it.  We painted all kinds of little doodles and went for walks all over searching and hiding our treasures.  It was a great bonding activity, and even my toddler at the time started collecting all the rocks we found in her room.  (Her favourite treasure for the longest time was a rock with the “poop” emoji painted on it. Toddlers love poop!) 

I started seeing mandala designs pop up and was instantly attracted to them.  The simplicity and elegance in the geometric patterns just spoke to me.  I figured I would give it a shot, started studying up on basic styles and tips, and that was it.  I was hooked.  If you ask me to draw a family they will all be stick people, but it turns out dots I can do!

Painting has given me so much in the past few years and I want to make your life and gift giving needs just a little bit easier.  All those little dots are soothing for me, and have gotten me through some pretty rough times in my life.  My goal is to bring a little piece of beauty into everyone’s life, and I hope you will find something that brings joy to you and yours here.


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