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Beaver Creek - 12 oz mug

Beaver Creek - 12 oz mug

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Beaver Creek Provincial Park isn't big or flashy, or even particularly well known. For over 50 years though it was home to our family cabin. Just like the park itself, it wasn't big or flashy (it didn't even have electricity until the late 80s and never did get plumbing). But my grandparents built it, improved on it, and some of my favourite memories are of chaotic, combined family gatherings up on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Driving north I always knew we were getting close to something special when the fields turned to forests of big, beautiful birch trees, and I wanted to capture some of that nostalgia and "home" feeling in these mugs.

All of our coffee mugs are baked to cure the paint and are microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended to best protect your artwork.

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