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Centennial - 16 oz mug

Centennial - 16 oz mug

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Brandon, Manitoba is home to wheat fields, prairie sunsets and rolling hills, and for two years in college it was home to me! My first move out of my parents’ house was to Brandon to go to Assiniboine Community College. I lived on Centennial Boulevard on the west side of the city. My little townhouse was perfect to me - Right behind the grocery store, walking distance to all the jobs I had while I lived there, and I even had a dishwasher (the only dishwasher I’ve ever had, actually!) I had a cozy little patio on the side that attracted a stray Calico cat everyday. That cat eventually adopted me and we spent 20 years side by side. I loved everything about my time in Brandon. The small town feel, the independence it gave me, the friends I made and the absolute blast I had in college. I may not be using that diploma much these days but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Wheat City.

All of our coffee mugs are baked to cure the paint and are microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended to best protect your artwork.

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