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Cloverdale Junior

Cloverdale Junior

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These are a smaller, Junior version of the original Cloverdale mug.


My grandparents were farmers. My mom grew up milking cows, feeding chickens and tending the crops just outside of Selkirk, Manitoba. By the time I came along there weren't any more cows or chickens but there was still always puttering to be done. Grandpa was always tinkering with something somewhere in the fields, and Grandma was constantly in the process of some sort of baking. The smell of fresh bread will always take me instantly back to that hot little kitchen and summertime at the farm. Bright sun, green grass, the smell of the old red barn, and endless blue prairie skies on Cloverdale Road.

All of our coffee mugs are baked to cure the paint and are microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended to best protect your artwork.

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