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Tudor - 16 oz mug

Tudor - 16 oz mug

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Selkirk, Manitoba is only about 20 minutes north of Winnipeg (you can always spot a Canadian using time as a distance measure!) and it was basically my second home growing up. All my family lived in Selkirk or on a farm just outside of town. Both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…everyone. The Barnett side of the family was heavily involved in the town: one of the many institutions around town that bear my grandparents legacy is Tudor House Personal Care Home. They were co founders and my uncle spent his entire career working his way from laundry to management over the years. Every fall Tudor House held a fancy tea as a fundraiser. (It was fancy to young me at least!) The House of Tudor has Royal connotations from the British Royal Family and this mug exudes Royal energy to me. The royal purple, the elegant teal and silver on black…I can’t think of a more fitting name.

All of our coffee mugs are baked to cure the paint and are microwave safe. Hand washing is recommended to best protect your artwork.

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